wee tiny little bug (could be nice if it could be fixed, pretty please with sugar on top)

21/02/19 18:54

Hi all,

Sorry for disturbing you with my wee tiny little problems but I do not seem to be getting the messages from SubliNet/Rugby Manager about all the changes to come in this game :

- I did not receive the message when the training changed from 3% every half an hour to 10% every 2 hours
- I did not receive the message when all the friendly matches could not be played one after another and you had to wait 10 min (I did not get the one either to say that this was cancelled for friendlies inside the same Guild)
- I did not receive the message when my players one afternoon moved to 730 stars in the middle of a GVG Challenge that we almost lost because our opponents used it to their advantage to beat our big guys
- I did not receive the message to tell me that the Championship match had been moved 8 hours later than usual, nor the one that told me it is back to what it had been for more than 3 years…
- my friends did not receive the message to warn them : you will move from level 32 to level 45 championship, start sparing some points for your players + improve your buildings, you will soon be in the big bath
- I did not receive the message to tell me to stack up heal kits as there would be no more possibility of training or healing my players for free with the 5 daily kits from FB friends
- I did not receive the message to inform me to hurry up purchasing from the Equipment shop, as from now on, exit the bargains, we will have a set price of x million per item or golden balls for buying or refreshing the list

- last and not least, I did not get the message of apologies about all this mess (changing back and forth the hours of the game, the rule about the friendlies…) nor the compensation for the inconvenience caused by some employee’s kid who obviously messed everything up on the main computer… just to see

I know it can only be a mistake from my side, no decent company would bring in so many changes to a game without a warning or 2 about what is coming next, just to be fair... especially to their most loyal and faithfull customers who by spending, invest into the perinity of the game. No company would turn an interesting game into something as silly as « I have the biggest golden balls, therefore I win »…
This would be awful to think that these customers, feeling betrayed by such a sery of sudden changes, could move to greener pastures, like good cash-cows they are considered to be …

No, nobody would sell you a car, deliver you a bike, and tell you this is it … new product list !
22/02/19 11:22
Great message !

But I really do think that those guys are trying to make the game better AND making money ... Of course, both ways are almost impossible to achieve if you want to please everyone ...
22/02/19 18:31

The point there is about Communication

That the game is sustainable and profitable is in the interest of all: from developers, owners, to gamers ...
I think that the vast majority of us here is passionate about the game, and this is why until now we are sticking with it...

Seriously, I do not think that I am asking for a lot: just a bit of explanation about the reason for the changes, a bit of anticipation and warning about things that are coming and that will affect the gameplay, a bit of an instruction about how to modify this settings, ... all that would be normal and nice.

Compensations for instance about some of the things we have been through is only normal and happening on every other game that I play on... We are no longer talking about making money but keeping customers loyal and happy

This lack of communication, I really see it like a lack of interest. Added to the fact that now equipments are going to cost a fortune and only a few are going to be able to spend enough to get as many golden balls as required, this really makes me feel like walking away... and there are many of us thinking like that

To be honest, I have lost all confidence in the game: I feel like being a Guinea Pig, not knowing what disruptive change is coming next. When I reach the mushroom stage (left in the dark and fed with sh.t) for sure I will be gone...
23/02/19 10:37
You have voiced my thoughts most succinctly.

Communication would go a long way in keeping the end users happy and loyal. Game documentation and update release information is sparse and infrequent. Currently I am not at all happy with my bike, I was really looking forward to my shiny new car. Sigh....
24/02/19 01:28
Why don't you stop moaning and join the development team and in turn you can have your own opinion and say on matters and get things done your self
25/02/19 05:45
Melbourne Storm :

Why don't you stop moaning and join the development team and in turn you can have your own opinion and say on matters and get things done your self

Because we are the ones supporting them by playing their game and spending money ... the very least they could do is reciprocate