Cheat Nitro F**ked up season

09/03/18 09:45
The idiots at cheat nitro have done a update, we have lost 8 games of a season !!!. All reset and started again, also deleted half a guild challenge.
I thought Donald Trump was a fuckwit, but he is not in the same league as these dirty cheating scumbags at cheat nitro !!!
By the way- challenge was against a Irani guild !
We really need a different company running this game or someone develop a better version and all us English speaking guilds join up. Anyone prepared to start a new game app ?
09/03/18 09:50
my friends in viking some of them not even in a league i know why they have done it because some of them where top of the game level wise they only want irnanian guys to be at the top so by not putting them in a league it'll ruin them disgusting stunt really
09/03/18 09:51
notice how all the iranian teams have a league top ones but if your past level 60 your not iranian chances are your not in league. diabolical I think to make a stand I'm gunna leave if this doesnt get fixed
09/03/18 10:06
We need EVERY English speaking team/ guild to complain to Facebook/ servers/ sweet cheat nitro / FIFA/ Buckinghuge Palace/ Donald Trump - anyone who can put these cheating mongrels up to account for their actions !!!
Does anyone have any ideas ?
09/03/18 10:23
I've sent them a ticket I they aint replied but noticed how a few of my mates now have a league at least
09/03/18 10:26
Our league season have been shortened... So, that means our retiring players will retire sooner and all the gear we got from the sports shop will expire sooner.... Just hope people didnt buy stuff with real money.... if so they can start refunding people too!

I assume Sepp Blatter is now running Sweet Nitro!
09/03/18 10:28
Just found the same.

Day one of 4 starting tomorrow I should win all 4 but then again 2 of them are against Iranians so no doubt there will be some cheating there all records gone but the GC against a bunch of Iranians who should beat us is still going how strange when its one they should win its not wiped out
09/03/18 10:29
"I assume Sepp Blatter is now running Sweet Nitro!"

09/03/18 10:40
A 31 day month so an extra day off before the start of the season following the next one simple logic do it then is that too difficult for them to think of?
09/03/18 11:09
Just NO-ONE ever spend any more "real" money with them until they sort this mess out! Give us some free players or bonus cash in game to compensate.