Cheat Nitro F**ked up season

13/03/18 20:56
Oh don't worry, obv's Sweet Nitro don't cheat lol but for anyone interested who god screwed over by their latest 'update' try this - straight from the admin person themselves... :-


Good day,

If at the end of this new league you are not in top 3 or top 7 we can promote it manually (we have access to the old ranking).

The Football Champions 2 support team
13/03/18 21:03
scandlous in that case then i'll be havin my dark destroyer league restored hadn't conceded a goal prior to them muppets at nitr screwing me now i may not even get a promotion
14/03/18 01:00
They are just bloody AMAZING !
Did anyone notice that all not active/ dormant teams were in the 4 day season in leagues. They weren't in previous reset league.

And if they have access to reset league, why not restore All after everyone complained ? .... Liverpool65