Brothers in Arms - the 3 year feck about

03/04/18 20:30
Coach Fluffy Pink Ball :

Black Monks :

Coach Fluffy Pink Ball :

I'm probably the loudest no mark of them all then.

Well done to the BIA(or should I say FiA) lads on having a close to unbeatable guild for the better part of three years, excellent going.

The banter and naughty crap we get up to is a bonus on top of that.

Excuse me, who are you?

Not everybody can be a dick'tator like you ok

Me dad always told me it's better to be a dicktator than a dicklesstator
03/04/18 22:07
Always a top guild. Well done on your achievement. Hope for a match up soon whilst most of the original crew are still playing the game.
04/04/18 12:10
Grats to you and your guild Jungle. three years is a great achievement.
04/04/18 18:09
Congrats BIA! Top class guild with class players... but more than that, class people behind the teams. Can't say much for the videos though. Please give Barry my regards. From all of us at Damage Inc.
04/04/18 22:29
Congratulations Jungle and all at BIA. Great achievement. Name change looks like 9 gold balls well spent. Plus one of the best lines seen on this forum from Coach to BM.
04/04/18 23:06
Sweetnitro should also recognise this by finally giving you guys a Pirate Flag!