Brothers in Arms

21/08/16 22:06
I know this may not be interesting to most, but I've played this game with a lot of different teams that have either stayed with me at BIA or have moved on to other guilds, non the less, I've always enjoyed each and every encounter. But my time has come to finally admit I've reached mileage on this game. I've been in brothers in arms, formally known as British fellas for about a year and six months and have been its leader for around 9-10 months. My time has been great and if it wasn't for the relentless banter at BIA i probably would have left a long time ago. I leave the guild in the capable hands of the rest of its members who will continue to take the piss and rip on each other until someone quits in tears.

Thanks to everyone else in this game who have given us close calls in GvGs and moaned about us on this forum, it's be emotional.

If your interested in joining BIA, I suggest you play Hawks or PPP.

Peace out!
21/08/16 22:53
All good things come to an end. I'm sure there will be bigger and better rugby related games to come where many of the players in this game can meet again and wonder how we ever got so hooked on something so simplistic
21/08/16 23:02
I had a great time in BIA; sorry to see another name go.
23/08/16 00:14
I've had an offer to join brothers in arms. My team is RFC. I will accept the offer as soon as my current challenge has finished.