Training points calculations

01/08/16 18:08

Exactly how are the training boosts calculated?
Does the star rating of the player influence it in any way?

I have identically rated players (equal training %)
Some seem to generate points quicker than others.
It does seem to be lower star rated players that move up quicker.

I thought it was a straight player percentage and training ground based calculation

02/08/16 08:25
I don't know what the training calculation is, but you are right, the higher the star the slower.
02/08/16 09:29
I think training at less than 100% energy level slows it down as well.
03/08/16 07:46
Yes it does, sublinet have confirmed that in the past
07/08/16 08:25
so at less than 100% energy players take longer to earn points? also does the training building level, have any effect on earning training points in matches?
08/08/16 17:16
under the General tab for your players is the training speed, higher numbers mean that you pick up the points more quickly from any training period. this is increased by your training centre. I think that when your bar gets to 100% you get the point. how its calculated from any of the training periods or matches (of any type). info on this from a moderator would be great